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A Few Words About The Low Cholesterol Diet

More and more people are increasingly becoming health conscious and are taking part in gruesome workout routines with the sole aim of remaining healthy. However, the lingering question is how exactly does one have a proper and healthy diet? What exactly can one describe as a healthy diet? Well, for starters, research has shown that one of the major contributors to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle is regular to daily consumption of high cholesterol foods. Following a low cholesterol diet plan has always been a challenge to many resulting in catastrophic medical conditions with great health implications.

What to Eat to Lower Cholesterol

In order to have a diet low in cholesterol, a number of ingredients can be added during in a meal preparation. High fiber foods are good for absorbing cholesterol. They absorb more cholesterol themselves and therefore leave very little to be absorbed into the body. Foods with high fiber include pears, barley, and apples. Nuts also reduce the amount of cholesterol in blood vessels. They include walnuts, groundnuts, and almonds. Consuming 1.5 ounces of nuts a day is good for the body. Vegetables and fruits are plants. Naturally, they have zero cholesterol. This means that consuming more of vegetables and fruits and less of animal products reduces the amount of cholesterol in the diet. Basically, a good balance in what is consumed makes a good diet. A low cholesterol diet can be achieved by including nuts, fruits, and vegetables in a meal and at the same time reducing the intake of animal products.

Some High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

It should be noted that not all fat is bad for human health. Primarily there are two types of fats; namely saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fat is dangerous to human health as it significantly increases the cholesterol levels whereas unsaturated fat does not and hence it is good for consumption. Saturated fat is contained in foods such as butter, cheese, fat margarine and unsaturated oils used for cooking. Therefore, preparing a meal with any of the mentioned ingredients is a sure way of increasing cholesterol in the diet and the reverse is true.

Dangers of a High Cholesterol Levels

Hypercholesterolemia poses risks that can be fatal to any human. Without sinking deep into the medical details, the most notable risks of high cholesterol include;

– High risk of heart and blood vessel complications: high cholesterol cannot be absorbed in body tissues. It is left in the blood stream. At certain levels, it can collect in the blood vessels and prohibit blood from entering or leaving the heart. A person with such a condition is likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart attack and other related complications.

– High risk of stroke: the same phenomenon explained in the risk above can occur to blood vessels leading blood into and out of the brain. If or when this happens, the victim is likely to suffer from lack of adequate oxygen in the brain. The consequences are that all body functions dependent on the brain (virtually all functions are dependent on the brain) cease execution resulting in a stroke which is fatal in most cases.

– Other risks include a high risk of diabetes, obesity [info] and general body weakness.

Expert Advice on How to Lower Cholesterol with Diet